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United Indians of All Tribes is proud to be working on a number of initiatives that we believe will foster a better community and help to create a better world. These human development initiatives are long-term, large-scale projects that will – along with our current social service and cultural core programming – usher strong Native values and an integrative program design into the mainstream consciousness of our collective future.

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NEW! Special Report on:
URBAN INDIAN AMERICA in the Community Story Section.

NEW! Friends of La-Ba-Te-Yah:
The Friends of La-ba-te-yah is a group of individuals consisting of professional volunteers, neighbors of Crown Hill, and staff of United Indians of All Tribes Foundation working in collaboration on a Master Site Plan for the La-ba-te-yah Youth Home.

We are seeking proposals from qualified consultants with low income green initiatives experience as well as experience working on native American community projects. The term contract is to provide comprehensive professional consulting service to create a La-ba-te-yah Master Site Plan through a community-based process with outreach and education and identifying funds for implementation.




  Photo: Storms Photographic