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Introducing the
Labateyah Draft Master Site Plan:
Project Announement

UIATF has received a grant from the Department of Neighborhoods to create a Master Site Plan for the Labateyah Youth Home.

We have a team of professional volunteers to assist us in providing expertise on the potential land, building, and zoning uses while identifying enhancement of the site and funds for implementation.

The creation of the Master Site Plan not only includes useful solutions to improve the function of the Youth Home, but it also includes a community-based process with outreach and education about Labateyah to the local neighborhood, governing bodies and agencies. Along with this, as part of the grant from the Department of Neighborhoods, we must ensure the project includes free community use of the facility or access to site improvements.

Friends of Labateyah, a volunteer group of professionals and community members, initiated the proposed project along with key Youth Home staff and residents. This team is the Steering Committee established to oversee the planning and developments of the Master Site Plan activities.

These activities require professional expertise and community-wide engagement and support from the neighborhood in Crown Hill and UIATF stakeholders in the native community.

We have secured the services of Daniel Glenn of Glenn & Glenn Associates as the consultant to carry out the activities. Glenn and Glenn Architects are well known throughout Indian Country in their efforts to build sustainable green-build projects.

To date we have held one UIATF stakeholder session on August 18, 2010. This session involved review of the details on parameters for use and zoning as well as a program overview and prior research conducted with a feasibility study and program analysis.



Photo: Storms Photographic
  Photo: Storms Photographic