Who are the Native Americans

Who are the Native Americans

Folks lived in the USA long before the Coming of Christopher Columbus along with the Europeans. Cultures and these people are known as Americans.

Native Peoples

The very first people are known as peoples. This implies that they were the first settlers. The Americans would be the United States’ peoples and civilizations.

American Indians

These individuals are known as American Indians or even as Indians. That is since when Columbus had landed in America, he believed he’d drifted all of the ways into the state of India. He predicted the title and the natives Indians.

Where did they reside?

Native Americans lived during South and North America. There have been Native Americans from Alaska, Hawaii, and the United States’ southern. Civilizations and Various tribes lived in places that were various. At the Center of the Nation dwelt the Plains Indians, such as tribes like Arapaho and the Comanche. At the Southeast region of the Nation lived tribes like the Seminole and the Cherokee.


The Americans were grouped to countries or tribes dependent on their civilizations like traditions, their faith, and speech and the place they lived in. Occasionally tribes have been a part of a tribe or country. As far as historians can tell, the tribes had been peaceful before the coming of the Europeans and Columbus.

You will find hundreds of tribes across the United States if Columbus came. A lot is well known as the Navajo, Apache, along with the Cherokee. To find out more take a look at the links at the bottom of the webpage.

How can we understand their backgrounds?

The Americans didn’t compose or record their own background, therefore we must discover their background in different ways. Now archeologists have the ability to discover a great deal about civilizations by digging up artifacts including weapons and tools. Much of what we know comes to arrive. We could learn from tales and customs which were passed down to generation.

Native Americans Today

A few of the descendants of those American Indians live on reservations Now. All these are all areas of land set aside for Native Americans. This helps to guard culture and their heritage. Only around 30 percent reside on reservations. The remainder resides outside the booking.


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