Native American Quick Brief – Back in America there are discussions concerning diversity racism and cultures. Many believe we’re really a melting pot with families and everybody else is treated the same. Inequities on the list of races and abuse and unjust treatment imposed with the vast majority people toward minorities while our culture is viewed by others because truly one of therapy.

One culture of people that don’t appear in the headlines of today is the native Americans. There is a debate about their sacrifices and their experience. While much is said in relation to holocaust experience, Latino and Vietnamese immigration experience and the African American slavery experience, there’s very little mention of the inhabitants of the land.

Before 1492, Native Americans roamed the lands that became known as the United States of America’s plains. In this period, they had their own culture, language, and culture. The Americans culture was similar. They had a sense of values, family, spirituality, and survival, as they hunted fish, harvested the land and made a living. These Americans existed with each tribe having their own language habits, and religion and beliefs and spirituality system. Some of these tribes were known as Mogollon, Atezc, Cherokee, and Navajo.

Ahead of the 1492 invasion from Europeans, the inhabitants existed at a public that was huge. After the Europeans commenced property confiscation and their colonization changes happened for its men and women who became understood as people in America. These adjustments happened as a consequence of European settlers’ activities. Using the advent of Europeans settlers and the intervention of government, the Indians land method changed.

Since this property was descended on by the Europeans, they start to place their own government. French, the Dutch, English, and Spanish produced a government applicable to their experience and started to claim rights. This was a way for all these invaders to prepare laws that they believed would be a proper and sensible manner.

The government started to conquer tribal nations and villages with the goal to make treaties. Boundaries lines would be arbitrarily drawn by these treaties. The authorities force the Americans into land designated and reserved for them and became the landowner. This land became known as Indian Reservations.