The Weakness of Native Americans

The Weakness of Native Americans

They have been unaccustomed to the military, political and economical aspects connected with the Europeans. They lacked willingness and the business to withstand the people. The tribes were in conflict with one and other as they went competing with each other for food and land.

For instance within the years enemies were gathered by that the Aztecs particularly. This battle led from the custom of utilizing their enemies, acquisition of riches and contest for rights. By forming alliances with all all the 11, this attribute was exploited by cortés. In contrast to this Aztecs shortage of unity that the explorers were a society that is unified. The people were ill equipped to take care of the invaders. Their numbers were decreased because of famine, forced labour, epidemics between contact with wars and diseases.


The Americans owned the skills to operate with aluminum but neglected to create people required to smelt iron they lacked technology . The Americans welcomed them, After the Europeans arrived in the New World. The Indians considered their customers using their boats, beards, and their own dress as warriors but more so for the technologies they brought together.

The indigenous population was astonished at this technology like their steel blades and knives, the arquebus that’s a kind of muzzle loader, the cannon, copper and brass kettles, mirrors, hawk bells and rings that were utilized as trading products, together with other things that were uncommon to their lifestyle. This was since the natives lacked the capability to make these creations. Regrettably the people used their weapons of warfare imposing great amounts of harm.

Lack of Resistance

It didn’t take long until problems started to develop. In North America there have been million Americans upon the coming of the Europeans. Most lived in agricultural or hunter-gather kinds of communities. The problem encountered by the Americans had been that their lack of resistance toward disorders. This lack of resistance in these types of communities involving the diseases took their toll. Smallpox was a threat contracted from the Indians in the men and women.

The Americans started to dislike their own beliefs and the Europeans. The guy was seen by them since despicable and stingy. This was something which the Indians hadn’t previously encountered. Things were shared. The explorers were termed to be insatiable in their desire for hides and furs. They disliked the European’s intolerance eating customs, marital and sexual agreements and other features of their customs.

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